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OpenADK - Open Source Appliance Development Kit

A free construction kit for Embedded Linux. Development is managed via GIT.

Get the source via following command:

git clone git:// myadk

Or via HTTP (can be used with a proxy):

git clone myadk

Or just get a daily snapshot from here:

For documentation see the OpenADK manual: PDF HTML Text

The resulting firmware boots up very fast, is updateable via a package manager without losing local configuration changes and the root filesystem is mounted read-only. The default configuration creates a very small linux system. The default configuration for software packages and the system is secure by default.

You can view the git repository here.

Information about supported targets can be found here.

Information about kernel module debugging can be found here.

Developer pages can be found here

Developer blog.

If you have any comments, patches or criticism send an e-mail to wbx at openadk dot org. There is commercial support available, if you like to have a new board supported, a new package ported or a new architecture added, contact me.

Have fun…

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