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How to use OpenADK in a production environment

Initialize your project

Personalize your Git environment:

$ git config --global "Waldemar Brodkorb"
$ git config --global

Get the latest version of OpenADK via anonymous git:

$ git clone --bare git:// myadk.git

Use git-daemon to make the repository public to your developers. After that clone your new shared project repository:

$ git clone git+ssh://
$ cd myadk

Configure OpenADK remote git repository:

$ git remote add openadk git://

Create your firmware

Now you can either start with the latest version or use some older version:

$ git checkout -b stable_1_0 $sha1

You can find $sha1 via git log. $sha1 is the hash after the keyword “commit”.

Now build a firmware image for your target and test it. Fix bugs in the build environment or add new stuff. You can use the “extra” directory to add local unpackaged binaries and/or configuration files to overwrite packaged stuff.

Check your uncommitted changes:

$ git status
$ git diff --cached
$ git diff

Commit your git-added changes:

$ git commit 

Or just commit all changes:

$ git commit -a

It is a good style to make a lot of small atomic commits.

Push your changes back to your git repository: For new lokal branches:

$ git push origin stable_1_0

Or in regulary usage via:

$ git push

Working together with OpenADK

You can generate patches from all your changes against the remote master:

$ git format-patch -s origin 

Send all relevant patches to OpenADK author via eMail.

Update your master with changes from OpenADK:

$ git checkout master
$ git pull openadk master

If you want you can merge all changes to your branch:

$ git checkout stable_1_0
$ git merge master

Or just cherry-pick some of the commits:

$ git cherry-pick $sha1


Tag your tested stable branch:

$ git tag -a stable_1.0

Push your tag to your repository:

$ git push origin stable_1.0

Checkout your tag and build your firmware:

$ git clone git+ssh:// mytag
$ cd mytag 
$ git checkout stable_1.0

Deleting unused branches

Deleting branches remotely:

$ git branch -r
$ git push origin :branchname

Deleting branches locally:

$ git branch
$ git branch -D branchname
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